What’s In a Name? Asperger’s vs. Autism

Humans have fluid identities. The names or labels we use influence how we see ourselves and our place in the world. We build our experiences, emotions, and communities around those labels. As new labels are added to our lives, we reevaluate our identities to incorporate our new understanding. This process happens after an autism spectrumContinue reading “What’s In a Name? Asperger’s vs. Autism”

Self-Advocacy is an Invaluable Tool in the Workplace

Many late diagnosed Aspie women have come to believe the negative views of others and internalized it. We’ve grown up plagued by rejection.   To help us pick up on the nuances of conversation and relationships, we’ve developed mental scripts: a set of “how to be normal” instructions that we’ve accumulated throughout our lives. ThisContinue reading “Self-Advocacy is an Invaluable Tool in the Workplace”

Friendships with Aspies are Different

Jane texted back and declined my lunch invitation because she would be out of town again. Following other weekend options, she claimed she would be out of town every weekend for the next month.  Funny, considering that she was out of town the last three times, I asked her to meet up with me. Once IContinue reading “Friendships with Aspies are Different”

To Aspie or Not to Aspie? That is the Question

I learned early on in my life that I am never right. I am always wrong. Always acting wrong, always dressing wrong, always saying the wrong things, just always wrong. I have Asperger’s Syndrome as known as high-functioning autism. While I always knew that something was different about me, it wasn’t until last year, atContinue reading “To Aspie or Not to Aspie? That is the Question”

Seeking a Diagnosis: Thanks to the Pandemic

It was the fifth night in a row that I found myself sitting on the floor of the shower, legs folded under my chin and arms hugging my knees.  Rocking myself, I sang “My Favorite Things” between whimpers as tears mingled with the warm water puddling around my feet. I was having an autistic meltdownContinue reading “Seeking a Diagnosis: Thanks to the Pandemic”

Aspies and the Challenges of Motherhood

Women with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) (aka high-functioning autism) become mothers, too. While limited research on the topic is available, I believe that knowledge of my condition would have helped me better prepare for the stressors and challenges faced by Aspie mothers. Sensory Overload During pregnancy, my changing body sent my sensory issues into overload. MyContinue reading “Aspies and the Challenges of Motherhood”